Process Doctor

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Enhancing your efficiency...
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Independent Strategic Consultant

The Process Doctor brings business and technology expertise together, to improve performance. Denise takes time to appreciate your industry, environment, culture, challenges, opportunities...

Managing transformation

The Process Doctor's tried and tested Aylesbury Grid method exposes key activity and assets, to capitalise on their development.

Denise has a track record in organisational change and redesign for efficiency. She can help with complex issues including redeployment and redundancy, cutting waste and duplication, business development and customer retention.

Process efficiency

The Process Doctor uses Lean principles, mapping current processes to identify new opportunities. Relating processes to skills and resources also indicates future recruitment and training needs.

Compiling 'lessons learned' training material is important to efficiency.

Programme and project management

The secret is in the planning. The Process Doctor will take care of this critical programme or mentor your managers to do the same.

Enhancing Customer Service

Appreciating the importance of first-class customer experience, Denise has implemented processes and systems with impressive results.

Managing suppliers

The supply chain is a key to growth, always with scope for optimisation. Lasting partnerships with suppliers and sub-contractors are profitable for all concerned.


The Process Doctor will take time to understand your culture, challenges and influencers, identifying areas of business with greatest potential, and develop a plan for action.