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Right people, right place, right job

You no longer have to do it all yourself... Employing the right skills, experience and competence is critical to success.

Smart outsourcing is changing the way we do business.  It saves money and gives you the space to work on the business, rather than in the business.

Outsourcing isn’t right for everyone.  There are times when it’s better to do the work yourself.  No one can be good at everything.  The right specialist can provide new expertise, or save money.

Identifying new suppliers

The Process Doctor has vast, award-winning experience in supplier selection and recruitment, and can help with:

  • The tried and tested 'Aylesbury Grid' method to determine what to buy and what to do yourself
  • The transition programme, tender and selection criteria
  • Future requirements of the company
  • The contract process
  • Getting the best from the relationship